17th July 2019

Meet the Staff

Introducing our Restaurant Manger and Deputy Restaurant Manager, Sayed and Ramadam 

They have been working together at the hotel for nearly 16 years and have become the perfect duo for our restaurant team.From outstanding cullinary excellence to amazing customer service there is nothing that these two can't do.

When asked what their favourite part of work was they said 'the people, customes and colleagues, they make it for us' From waiting to tables to running the entire restaurant they have worked extremely hard to get where they are today. As restaurant mangers, their team described them as always being there for and making everyone the best they can be, which has really shown over the years with many people from our restaurant team progressing on to higher roles within Brend Hotels.

All of our guests adore the pair, some even coming especially just to see them and their relationship with all of our guests old and new. They are an amazing team and the best of friends, always making sure every guest feels welcome, special, and have the best of times when visiting or staying at The Imperial Hotel. 

Seasons | Autumn Brochure

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