1st September 2020

What Cocktails We're Drinking

Let us show you what drinking in Devon is all about, from our Pornstar Martini to Flat White Martini we’ve got the perfect tipples to get your taste buds tingling. Breaks to The Imperial Hotel are all about rejuvenating the mind and soul and what better way to do that than sipping on carefully crafted cocktails in our luxury bar. 

Pornstar Martini 

The famous Pornstar Martini made the Imperial way! Vodka & Passion fruit liqueur is shaken with vanilla, lime & fresh pineapple, served straight up, not forgetting a shot of Chio Prosecco on the side. 

Negroni Spritz 

A lighter take on the popular Negroni sees Plymouth gin, Campari & Martini Rosso topped with soda & Chio Prosecco served with fresh orange over lashings of ice. A perfect pre dinner cocktail on those warmer days. 

Green Gimlet

The traditional Gimlet is given a fresh makeover with the addition of Elderflower liqueur, cucumber, apple & mint, served over ice with the classic gin & lime element. 

Mojito Royale 

Our supercharged mojito is made with Havana 3 YO rum, freshly muddle mint, lime & sugar and swaps soda for Chio Prosecco in this ultimate summer cooler. 

Flat White Martini 

A lighter take on the classic Espresso Martini, ours is made with vodka, baileys, vanilla & fresh ground Espresso, perfect for an early evening caffeine boost to an after-dinner delight.