16th February 2018

‘The Irish cabbage is basically taking the flavours from the venison of a traditional Irish stew; onions, cabbage, carrots and frying them all together as a base for the lamb. That’s one of the beauties of cooking for me, being able to take one recipe and use the same flavours present in a totally new form introducing new cooking methods that will then give different flavours. The lamb tastes at its best in this recipe when pan pried or roasted.’

-Craig Middleton, Imperial Head Chef

Pan fried spring lamb striploin, savoy cabbage, potato purée and red wine jus

Serves 4 

1lb potatoes

Half a bottle of red wine

8oz of beef stock

4x lamb strip loin with fat removed

1x tablespoon of cooking oil

For the cabbage

1x small savoy cabbage finely shredded

2x onions sliced

4x rashers of bacon cut into strips 

Salt & pepper 

To Cook

  1. Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 6/200°C/400°F
  2. Make potato puree; the consistency for this dish needs to be saucy so if it's still too thick add a little single cream or milk
  3. The red wine needs to be boiled to reduce by three questers, add the beef stock and simmer for a few minutes, season with salt and pepper
  4. To cook the lamb season with salt and pepper, brush with oil, seal in the pan. It's best to allow the meat to colour richly, the lamb will take 8-10 minutes to medium stage, once cooked leave the lamb to rest for 6-8 minutes before carving 

For the cabbage

  1. Blanch in salted water for one minute and drain. Heat pan, add butter, onions, carrots, bacon and fry to light golden in colour
  2. Carve the lamb, spoon the cabbage into the centre of the plate. the potato puree can now be spooned around the outside creating a border, sit the lambslices on top of the cabbage, drizzle over the red wine jus and it's ready to be served