31st January 2020

Bell Boy to Head Chef

On this Seasons Meet the Staff we bring you a little insight on the career path of Shaun Brayley, Head Chef at The Imperial Hotel. 

From bell boy to head chef, Shaun has been an important part of the Imperial Hotel for the past 30 years. Shaun began his career at the Imperial Hotel in 1989 as a young bell boy. Little did he know his work experience would be the start of a career with Brend Hotels and that he would become the Head Chef and a vital part of the award winning Arlington Restaurant.

Shaun has worked across various job roles and departments within the hotel including Restaurant manager, Barman and Hotel assistant manager. After trying various different roles for 5 years he found his feet in our kitchen where he has been for the last 25 years, working his way up to become Head Chef.

During that time Shaun met his lovely wife of 15 years who was our Head Receptionist for 8 years and now works in our Accounts department in our Head Office. Since taking on his latest role, Shaun has brought a brand new element to our kitchen and menu, with new ideas, menus, flavours and changing our produce seasonally to ensure we are always moving forward.

If you are staying with us on one of our Special Offers on our Seasons Spring edition, you will have the chance to enjoy some of our incredible dishes on our Spring menu and best of all dinner is included in all of our Seasons packages!

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Chefs Seasonal Highlight

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