26th June 2019

New Wine Menu

We have a brand new Wine Menu, partnered with M.Chapoutier, with both ourselves and M.Chapoutier sharing the same belief as combining tradition with modernity. Join us through a selection of wines chosen to illustrate the wide selection of styles and varieties we have to offer. 

Brend Hotels and M.Chapoutier both share the same values of making everything as sustainable as possible, ensuring all of our wines are substainably produced, ensuring everything is enviromentally sound, ensuring energy is conserved, maintain healthy, air, soil and water quality. We have has many organic wines as possible, meaning no added syntheics, artifical fertilisers. We also have a selection of Vegerterian and Vegan menus available, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our delicious new wines. 

We have two brand new house wines for you, both from Côtes Du Roussillon, France, our White wine with citrus aromas of lemon and grapefruit with subtle smoky notes with a great acidity finsih. Our Red wine is dominatly Syrah grape with notes of white pepper, herbs and spices and a background of cherry and dark chocolate. 

Enjoy Dinner in our Arlington Restaurant and try our delicious new wine menu.